Tat Tvam Asi Organica

Tat Tvam Asi Organica is a small coffee plantation nestled in the heart of the Badra Wildlife Sanctuary in the Bababudangiris. They are an organic permaculture farm, operating in sync with mother nature - and entirely off the grid. A third of their land is left untouched to create a dynamic balance and keep everything growing together in harmony.

"Tat Tvam Asi" translated means "you are that," which more importantly signifies "we are what we think, what we create."

Husband-wife owners, Vishal and Aditi, are a living reflection of this philosophy, and we are downright honored to have their beans as a part of our offering.


Chickmagalur, Karnataka

3,500 to 4,500 feet

Cauvery, SL 795

Red Honey

Orange, Strawberry Jam, Chocolate Frosting

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