Shirangala is a fourth-generation coffee estate that is still run by the founding family. The first planting dates back to 1912, when the great grandfather of the current owner, Mr. Ganesh, planted a few beans supplied by a friendly neighbor and coffee grower.

The estate, nestled in the picturesque Western Ghats sits at an elevation of 3375 ft above sea level and overlooks the beautiful Harangi reservoir. The temperature here ranges from 57 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the estate receives an annual rainfall of about 55-60 inches.

Following custom and tradition, careful care is taken to handpick the coffees when fully ripe. They are then washed and laid to dry under natural sunlight. The estate raises its own nursery in order to allow a continuation of the same coffee strain and not have any contamination. Their coffees are intercropped with pepper and plethora of fruits including oranges, blackberries, guavas, bananas, jackfruit, sapota, papayas, mango, and lychee. Additionally, about 35 different native varieties of trees, as well as several different species of birds, call this place home. Most special though, is the elusive gentle giant of the forest, the Asiatic elephant.



Coorg, Karnataka

3,375 feet

Sln. 795


Caramel, Lemon, Golden Raisins, Toast, and Brown Sugar

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