Our Story

In an itty-bitty apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the Ministry of Kaapi was inspired by and dreamt up in NYC. A California transplant had met an Indian expat at El Rio Grande (side note: arguably, the best First Date Bar in the city) and fell in love. Being from California, I shared my fondness of surfing and all things organic + green + juice with him. Hailing from India, he made me Kaapi in bed. Life was never the same.


After a few months of bliss, plowing through his coveted Indian coffee, we were down to the last scoop. I searched high and low to replenish his stockpile (and another coffee filter – I needed my own!), but there was none. In disbelief that I could not find something so amazing in the city - the city of all cities - I set out on a mission to change just that.


With equal measures of optimistic naivety and a healthy sense of adventure, I trekked my way across the mud-laden, backroads of India, visiting coffee estates and meeting the people behind the best-kept brewed secret of the country. I explored and explored until I found just what I was looking for - wildlife-friendly, specialty Indian coffee with which to make the legendary obsession, Kaapi - and brought it back for you. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.


With Love + Extra Milk,